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Epoch 1.0.6- Co wprowadza? Co zmienia? Co naprawia?

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Pod tym linkiem są informacje o wersji Epocha 1.0.6 która może już nie długo ujrzy światło dzienne.


O 18.05.2016 at 18:14, Pawlosz napisał:

[NEW] Fully updated to DayZ 1.8.7 base @icomrade @ebaydayz

[NEW] 1.8.7 attachments system, community weapons, base objects, traps, tripwires and car bomb

[NEW] 1.8.7 journal and crafting menu are now functional (default 'J' key)

[NEW] 1.8.7 spawn selection, set dayz_spawnselection = 1; in init.sqf (Chernarus only)

[NEW] 1.8.7 infected camps, points of interest and infectious waterholes map additions (Chernarus only)

[NEW] 1.8.7 configurable blood trails, set dayz_bleedingeffect in init.sqf

[NEW] 1.8.7 weapon switching system and hotkeys (1 = primary, 2 = pistol, 3 = melee (or rifle onBack if DZE_TwoPrimaries=2;))

[NEW] Players can carry more than one primary weapon which allows the abillity to hide one on their back, configure using DZE_TwoPrimaries. see ConfigVariable.sqf for details @icomrade

[NEW] Optional news/rules feed on player login, set dayz_enableRules in init.sqf

[NEW] Status UI icons are toggleable between "vanilla","epoch","dark" set DZE_UI in init.sqf @ebaydayz

[NEW] Anzio 20mm sniper and RedRyder BB Gun by @arma2WillRobinson

[NEW] Added "RedRyder" and "350Rnd_BB_Magazine" to loot pile. #1456 #1457 @Namindu

[NEW] Added action to lock and unlock vehicles from inside #1103 @pj999 @ebaydayz

[NEW] Autorun hotkey (0 = Toggle auto run) @ebaydayz

[NEW] Earplugs hotkey and status UI icon (F1 = Lower volume). Automatically disabled when exiting a vehicle. @ebaydayz

[NEW] Snap building, use DZE_modularBuild = true; in init.sqf to enable. @raymix

[NEW] Auto login when a player joins the server, default 10 seconds, requires description.ext update in the mission (disable in description.ext by setting defValueParam1 = 31;) @icomrade

[NEW] Many new configuration options are available for admins. See dayz_code\configVariables.sqf and mission\init.sqf for descriptions. @ebaydayz

[NEW] Blood types system is disabled by default. Set dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = false; in init.sqf to enable

[NEW] Dayz_townGenerator = true; in init.sqf can enable vanilla map junk in addition to Epoch DynamicDebris. Only works on Chernarus. @ebaydayz

[NEW] DB Backup script. @RimBlock

[NEW] Use DayZ_UseSteamID = false; in your init.sqf to use the old PlayerUID, instead of SteamID @icomrade

[NOTE] It's recommend to convert to the new SteamID system if possible, new servers should not use DayZ_UseSteamID = false;

[NEW] UI Update - Graphical and code changes, enable using DZE_UI = "dark"; in init.sqf. @hogscraper http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13654-proposed-ui-change/

[NEW] Upgraded (_DZE1,2,3,4) ArmoredSUV and Kamaz classes are now available. #1518 #1538 @McKeighan

[NEW] Added waves effect during stormy weather #974 @FramedYannick @ebaydayz

[NEW] Optional variable to prevent stealing from backpacks by non-friendlies at traders. Set DZE_BackpackAntiTheft = true; in init.sqf @ebaydayz

[NEW] Zupa's Advanced Trading v2.1+ is now included as part of the Epoch Code, enabled with DZE_advancedTrading = true; NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DATABASE TRADERS @icomrade @Windmolders

[NEW] With config based traders categories can be reused by setting the duplicate=#; value. # is the category number to copy. @ebaydayz

[NEW] Gems are now treated as variable value currency (Advanced Trading only). configure gem values using DZE_GemWorthArray =[]; see ConfigVariables.sqf for more info @icomrade

[NEW] Gem rarity is now configurable for mining using DZE_GemOccurance =[]; see ConfigVariables.sqf for more info @icomrade

[NEW] Plot Management by Zupa is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_plotManagement, see ConfigVariables.sqf @DevZupa @Bruce-LXXVI @icomrade

[NEW] A Plot For Life v2.5 by RimBlock is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_plotforLife, see configVariables.sqf @RimBlock @icomrade

[NEW] Precise Base Building v1.0.5 by Mikeeeyy is now included. @Mikeeeyy @icomrade @ebaydayz

[NEW] You may toggle vehicle destruction effects to prevent damage from vehicle explosions (useful to prevent griefing from ramming) use DZE_NoVehicleExplosions = true; to enable #1198 @icomrade

[NEW] Temperature factors are now configurable with DZE_TempVars see ConfigVariables.sqf for more info @icomrade

[NEW] Weather effects are now configurable with DZE_WeatherVariables See DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf for info on these values @icomrade

[NEW] Full height cinderblock wall kits are now in game, classname "full_cinder_wall_kit" #1172 @icomrade

[NEW] Vector Building is now part of Epoch, only enabled with Snap Building DZE_modularBuild = true; Note there is no option to turn off Vector Building with Snap Building enabled @strikerforce @icomrade

[NEW] You can exclude built items from the god mode base function using DZE_GodModeBaseExclude = []; which is an array of item classnames

[CHANGED] Many duplicate functions and variables were renamed. See Documents\1.0.6 Variable Name Changes.txt @ebaydayz

[CHANGED] Several weapon, item and tool classnames changed. Admins see SQL\1.0.6_Updates @ebaydayz

[CHANGED] New loot table format is incompatible with old loot tables. Admins see CfgLoot\README.txt

[CHANGED] Combattimeout now uses diag_tickTime instead of time.

[CHANGED] AmmoBoxSmall_556/762 is replaced with DZ_AmmoBoxUS/RU/EU/CZ and MedBox0 is replaced with DZ_MedBox (new model)

[CHANGED] UH60Wreck and UH1Wreck are replaced with CrashSite_EU/UN/US/RU (new models)

[CHANGED] An infection chance of -1 disables self-transfusion infection. 0 is always infected. (DZE_selfTransfuse_Values) @icomrade

[CHANGED] Removed weapons from Traders hands and made them stand with arms by their side. @SilvDev

[CHANGED] Tweaked fuel capacity variables for vehicles. @RimBlock

[CHANGED] Tweaked rotate_logs.bat to incorporate the day of the week for better organization @Raziel23x

[CHANGED] All instances of sleep were replaced with the more reliable uiSleep where possible. @icomrade

[CHANGED] Several getPosATL changed to call FNC_GetPos for water compatibility @icomrade

[CHANGED] Trader city objects are now spawned locally on each machine with simulation disabled for better performance. Admins can still override with custom cities in init.sqf. @ebaydayz

[CHANGED] Player zombies are no longer attacked by other zombies. The respawn button is now enabled for them if they wish to suicide. @ebaydayz

[CHANGED] With R3Fweight on overburdened players are now forced to move slowly instead of being knocked out. The scream was also removed. #1145 @icomrade @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Character sometimes failing to sync after changing clothes #1545[FIXED] Zombies now target and attack players correctly with 1.8.7 code

[FIXED] Server position sync bug after falling unconscious #1522 @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Backpack wipes when changing clothes. #1361 @icomrade

[FIXED] CH53 gear when locked #1364 @icomrade

[FIXED] Infinite loop when crafting ore into bars #1351 @icomrade

[FIXED] Only first kill showing on death boards #1362 #1124 @vbawol @icomrade

[FIXED] Crossbow quivers not working #1355 @icomrade

[FIXED] Crash_spawner & Supply_drop modules spawning inaccessible loot piles #1408 #1390 @Uro1

[FIXED] Fire cleanup diag_log error in server_functions.sqf #1421 @ebaydayz

[FIXED] NearestObjects position error in server_playerSync.sqf #1425 @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Corrected ClassName type for CH53_DZE and BAF_Merlin_DZE. @Cinjun

[FIXED] Some counts reverted to forEach. Count loops can not be nested inside other count loops #1491-#1495 @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Dynamic_vehicle spawning non-upgradable classes of hilux1 & datsun1. @Uro1

[FIXED] Eating while inside a vehicle did not drop empty can @deadeye2

[FIXED] Zombie loot error when using loot tables in mission file @deadeye2

[FIXED] Trader menu expected array error #1618-1620 @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Loading screen issue where you can walk around and see a black screen #1610 @deanreid

[FIXED] Crafting a sledgehammer with one already in your toolbelt no longer eats your parts. #1567 #1667 @Namindu

[FIXED] Copy key failing when player doesn't have a backpack @ebaydayz

[FIXED] DarkUI hunger and thirst inconsistency with vanilla UI and health system @SplenectomY @icomrade #1622

[FIXED] Fire barrels not being detected over water @pj999 @icomrade #1559 #1564

[FIXED] Opening supply crates over water no longer drops the items on the sea floor @pj999 @icomrade #1558

[FIXED] Plot pole required message not updating to reflect DZE_PlotPole radius @mathewjknott @icomrade #1274

[FIXED] Slow login timer and incorrect loading screen message when login times out @icomrade

[FIXED] Combine mags not working for Revolver and M1911 ammo @Terrien @ebaydayz #1313

[FIXED] M113_DZ,_DZE variants config errors and gunner seat not working @McKeighan @ebaydayz #1514

[FIXED] Smoke countermeasures are now visible @Markokil321 @icomrade #1440

[FIXED] Keyboard input is now disabled properly while unconscious @skynetdev @ebaydayz #1613

[FIXED] Toilet paper dupe exploit when building outhouse @Markokil321 @ebaydayz #1599

[FIXED] Safes and lockboxes wiped when opening after restart and locking not being logged to RPT @ebaydayz #1413 #1503

[FIXED] Duplicate objectUIDs occasionally causing vehicles to swap classes or be deleted across restarts @ebaydayz #1504

[FIXED] DZE_BuildingLimit now counts buildables only instead of all object types. Thanks jOoPs @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Reworked death messages. Fixed messages not always showing, undefined errors and wrong distance bug. Added bled out, killed by zombie, etc. MPHit event handler (fnc_plyrHit) is no longer needed. @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Player no longer hears radiation sound when changing clothes. @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Ponds and lakes are now detected correctly in player_goFishing. #1678 @ebaydayz

[FIXED] Players are now ejected and killed when their vehicle is destroyed (Fix applies to all types of vehicles). @icomrade

[NOTE] Servers that use trader safezones must configure the variable DZE_SafeZonePosArray with their safezone posisitons and radii, otherwise passangers of vehicles in safezones will be killed upon destruction of their vehicle

[FIXED] Players are no longer able to brute force doors or safes by the method described in #1187 @icomrade

[FIXED] Fix some items not displaying removal option #1135 @icomrade

[UPDATED] .hpp files updated in dayz_code\Configs\CfgLoot\CfgBuildingPos. @Uro1

[UPDATED] .bat files updated in Config-Examples @Raziel23x

[UPDATED] Updated all config.cfg in Config-Examples, Added Default Steam Ports and Updated Layout. @Namindu

[UPDATED] Epoch.sql, 1.0.5_Updates.sql & CfgServerTraders with correct classnames for upgradable hilux1 & datsun1 versions. @Uro1

[INFO] If you use any of the community mods now included in this release (Advanced Trading, Plot Management, Snap Build Pro, A Plot For Life) you MUST uninstall them from your mission, the mods have been improved and many bugs have been fixes, get up-to-date copies from https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch

[INFO] Amphibious pook and cessna (pook_h13_amphib,GNT_C185E,GNT_C185F) confirmed to have FPS issues. Using them is not recommended. #1612 @bleeding- @Markokil321

[INFO] Auto login does not force a player who aborted from the game, back to the lobby, to login

[INFO] Server owners and players should use the stable branch of ArmA 2 OA

[INFO] Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.

[INFO] Special thanks to http://verthosting.com for hosting our development server.

+[CHANGED] Abort and respawn are now disabled immediately in the pause menu onLoad to compensate for low fps delay. @ebaydayz
+[CHANGED] Player_onPause is now customizable by admins along with the new unscheduled fn_pauseMenuChecks. #1340 @Rimblock @ebaydayz


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Taka zmiana całkowicie zmieni  rozgrywkę w Epocha.. Będzie dużo bliższa do standardowego moda co znacznie ułatwi wiele spraw jednak sprawiać będzie pewne trudności wynikających ze starych przyzwyczajeń. Aha.. i uważam że jednak system gold/silver jest lepszy od coinsów :) 

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